Not to be confused with “St. Vaillancourt’s Day,” our Love Series Chalkware is the perfect collection of Chalkware collectibles to show someone that you love them. Whether for St. Valentine’s Day or “just because” these pieces are adorned with hearts and other symbols of love and affection. For 2018, Judi explores more texture as she uses delicate beading to replicate the feeling of vintage Valentine’s. It’s fitting that Worcester, MA (about 15-minutes from Vaillancourt’s Sutton studios) was the center of the commercial valentine industry with Esther Howland being the first to make valentines. Today, the Valentine Santa Series lives on as a way to bring both the joy of St. Nicholas and love of St. Valentine together.

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The 2023 Chalkware Collection

The 2023 St. Valentine Santa (SWAK)

The Celtic Triquetra Knot Irish Santa