Classical Christmas Tea Cup (Saucer not included)

Classical Christmas is Judi Vaillancourt’s dinnerware inspired by historic patterns originally made in Hunslet, England around 1770. The contemporary designs include a modern twist to incorporate subtle holiday themes and patterns in a non-intrusive manner that is considered classy without being too formal. The designs include the fantastic Face of Santa and are all hand pierced and hand twisted.

Creamware is a type of Earthenware, made from white Cornish clay, combined with a translucent glaze to produce its characteristic pale cream color. Creamware was perfect for making the elegant and highly decorative tableware in demand in the Georgian age. Although it was also made by many other companies, the commercial success and outstanding quality of the Leeds product meant that in time all Creamware came to be popularly known as “Leedsware”. This Creamware was made at Stoke on Trent, England by the Hartley Greens Company.

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