Dutch Delft Santa with Sleigh, VFA Nr. 18036

As Vaillancourt approaches 35 years of business, the 2018 Chalkware Collection draws inspiration from a variety of sources for the designer, Judi Vaillancourt. To start, many of the chalkware pieces continue to use the bright gold leafing integrated within the piece’s designs to help draw a contrast to bold red and blacks. In addition, you’ll find a lot of nature-inspired colors and patterns—whether it’s blatant, like with the Cardinal Coat Santa, or subtle, like the muted tones of Santa in Furs. Two stand out pieces draw upon the art deco features of 1930s postcards with both the Art Deco Greetings Santa and the Red and White Village Scene Santa. In addition to chalkware, Vaillancourt expanded their brand offerings with wine and coffee.

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