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VFA Nr. 20082, One of a kind

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This was a one-of-a-kind not available to the public. You are more than likely looking for the Endangered Sea Life Santa.

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5.85 lbs 5.75 × 3.5 × 16 in
Chalkware Made in United States
Seasons: Christmas, Summer
Year Issued: 2020

Each year, during Collector’s Weekend, we try to create a weekend that celebrates tradition. At the event’s main event, the Collector’s Dinner, one lucky participant is chosen to work with Judi in designing their own piece that will be commercially available. This year’s Collector’s Design Series winner, Dee Mirando-Gould, worked with Judi to design a piece inspired by endangered sea life. Pictured here is the piece that Dee received—the other version is available for fellow collectors.

MLD No: M8401875, Vaillancourt (MA)

About Vaillancourt Folk Art

Vaillancourt is a family owned business located in Sutton, Massachusetts and is best known for their handmade and hand painted chalkware figures. These figures are made using vintage and antique chocolate, candy, and ice cream moulds. The Vaillancourt’s have the largest private collection in the USA and have been creating these heirloom masterpieces meant to be passed down from generation to generation since 1984.

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