Wynn Las Vegas Santa

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Available exclusively from Wynn Las Vegas. To order, call Masih Naziri or Fernando Garcia at (702) 770-3470

One of the most opulent, luxurious designed Santas Vaillancourt Folk Art has created; the style and image fits perfectly for Wynn Las Vegas. To start, the piece has been under painted—not unlike many of the Italian masterpieces—to block in the patterns and colors represented at the Las Vegas casino. The fur trim of the coat, along with the bag, have been gold leafed to ensure a lustre quality familiar to the Las Vegas lifestyle. The true decadence, however, is the detail along the coat: directly applied on top of the base undercoat is a multitude of gauge, color, and material of beadwork that come together in a masterful manner that replicate both the texture and pattern of patterns found within the Las Vegas casino. With a glittered reproduction antique bottle brush tree and an acrylic gold glitter detailing the gold foiled bag, the piece maintains a formality with its exuberance. The face, beard, and overall demeanor of this Santa ties in the detail and quality that Vaillancourt Folk Art has been known for since its founding.

Dimensions 10.5 in
Brand Vaillancourt Folk Art
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Seasons Winter
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Year Issued 2014
Classification Exclusive
Originally Designed For Wynn Las Vegas
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