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8.25 in
Chalkware Made in United States
Seasons: Winter
Year Issued: 2011 at $240.00 for Peek in the Attic

Bright blue skies, wide open spaces, starry starry nights, is what I first remember when I came to Texas in 1966. I also enjoyed the unique environment and wild life only found in the “lone star” state. “Keep Texas wild” Santa is dedicated to these two elements. The Santa has a ‘woodlands” look like he lives in the “big thicket” region of Texas. This Santa has a very unique element to it, the cactus Christmas tree is a separate chocolate mold formed into the Santa. Several years ago Judi Vaillancourt bought this mold for me to use on one of my Texas Santas. The barbwire garland is added to give the look of a lighted western Christmas tree. The earth tone colors chosen for this Santa provides the natural look I wanted. The hiking boots add the lilt bean look to the Santa.

The bald eagle on the hat with the Texas flag in its talons represents the strength of the Texas people, its wild life, different plant species, and unique environment only found in Texas.

In Texas, the bald eagles nest in areas along river systems. Most of the bald eagles seen in Texas breed in the northern states and spend the winter (December through march) in Texas. Eagles require 4 or 5 years to reach full adult plumage. The most dramatic decline in bald eagles population nationwide resulted from environmental contaminants.

The hand painted white tail deer on Santa’s backpack was taken off a vintage towel. The artwork on the deer’s head is fantastic.

The first time I saw a real road runner (beep, beep) was in west Texas moving at a rapid pace on the side of the road. I am still looking for his friend Wyle coyote, but haven’t seen him.

Today, Texas has 91 threatened and endangered plants and animal species. To help reduced these numbers, Marsha and I will be donating a portion on our sales of “keep Texas wild” Santa to Caddo lake national wildlife refuge.

Many thanks to Judi Vaillancourt and her artist for painting this fabulous Santa.

Remember to “keep Texas wild”, for future generation, we must all take an active role in saving our environment and preserving 12texas wildlife for future generation.

– Wild Bill

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