Gold Coat St. Nick

VFA Nr. 16039

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0.85 lbs 2 × 3.25 × 8.5 in
Chalkware Made in United States
Seasons: Winter
Year Issued: 2016 at $200.00

A classic mould, this Saint Nicholas has been designed with a little shimmer in mind.

As early as the late 1980s, Judi would introduce gold and silver as metallic paint. The reflective nature of the paint was hidden by the protective varnish that is applied to each piece. This was perhaps most obvious in 2009 when Vaillancourt Folk Art introduced three 25th Anniversary Santas with silver and silver glitter, because one year later, Judi began to experiment with gold and silver leafing. First with a Gold Abraham Lincoln for the Lincoln Library & Museum and then with the Santa with Silver Bell. It was a success, so the next year, Judi introduced several new pieces that used the leafing to create a glass-like luminance to make the chalkware collection shimmer.

Today, we are pleased to introduce the Gold Coat St. Nick. This piece has its entire coat gold leafed and has intricate details painted within. He is holding a dark green bag with a teddy bear poking his head out and is holding a white bottle brush tree decorated with gold beads within his other hand.

His soft facial features and demeanor is a great way to bring home a Vaillancourt St. Nick with a touch of elegance.

MLD No: M8400882

About Vaillancourt

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