The Personification of Christmas: A Portrait Of Santa (Gold Frame Wall Art)

VFA Nr. 21074

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0.4 lbs 6.5 × 0.75 × 8.25 in
Chalkware Made in United States
Seasons: Christmas, Winter
Year Issued: 2021 at $100.00

Decorate your wall with Judi Vaillancourt’s inspirational portrait of Santa which was first used on the Vaillancourt Christmas Wine label. The fine-art gicl?e print is decoupaged onto a hangable chalkware frame that has been hand gilded by a Vaillancourt artist. When we think about Santa, we are most likely imagining a hybrid of attributes taken from Thomas Nast’s 1881 illustration and Haddon Sundblom’s “Coca-Cola”?Santa from the 1920s. For Judi, when she thinks about Santa her mind goes to two other sources. First, Samuel Anderson Robb?an American wood carver?who is credited with carving a Santa figure in the late 1880s who resided in New York City’s Lutheran church for over 40 years as a church leaflet holder before finding its way into Colonial Williamsburg’s collection. The second inspiration comes from a Massachusetts artists, Norman Rockwell, who had a reputation for capturing the true human nature of a person in his art work. Today, Judi Vaillancourt’s interpretation of Santa shows the pure characteristics of the personification of Christmas traditions.

MLD No: M8401952, Vaillancourt (Massachusetts)

About Vaillancourt

The house brand to Vaillancourt Folk Art, Vaillancourt products expand beyond American made Chalkware and Polish made Ornaments—but, regardless the line, fine art quality is a staple of Vaillancourt products. As one of the last domestic Christmas studios, Vaillancourt is focused on keeping and growing your family’s traditions.