MAROLIN Upright Easter Hare With Lift-Off Head Brown

VFA Nr. MM950.1/1K

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Papier-mâché Made in Germany

According to an old Easter tradition Easter hares are filled with candy or small surprises. For this purpose Richard Mahr the founder of Marolin designed over 100 years ago a number of Easter hares that were hollow inside. Today this traditional Easter decoration is still produced in our company. Manually inserted glass eyes support the natural appearance of the rabbit. The filling By twisting and removing the head you get to the inside of the hare. After filling just put the head back on.

About Marolin Manufaktur

Founded in 1900, Richard Mahr of Steinach, Germany created the finely detailed papier-mâché figurines that have since become internationally known and collected. Marolin figurines are hand composed using a combination of kaolin, chalk, paper fibers, organic paste, and clay before being hand poured and painted. These figurines, not unlike Vaillancourt’s Chalkware, are known for their artistic quality and detail.