MAROLIN Star Balloon With Angel-Oblates And Swarowsky Crystals Silver

VFA Nr. MM2018051

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Papier-mâché Made in Germany
Seasons: Christmas, Winter

The glass ornaments have their origin in the area around the town of Lauscha in ThuringiaGermany. In the beginning it was just a substitute for real fruits a poor glassblower could not afford. Over the times the variety of Christmas glass decorations has been growing. His popularity rose and it became a bestseller worldwide. Almost at the end of the 19th century the glass ornaments were provided with additional decorative accessories. In addition to the embossed Dresdens – so-called Oblaten – also kantille and leonic wires were used to give these decorations an opulent appearance. Unfortunately in the following years the supply of unusual items went back which was due to the economic crises until the middle of the 20th century. Now – decades later – its possible to produce this elaborate and with great attention to detail manufactured glass ornaments again. They are made by hand in Thuringia Germany and are all handblown and handpainted. Each piece is carefully packed ind…

About Marolin Manufaktur

Founded in 1900, Richard Mahr of Steinach, Germany created the finely detailed papier-mâché figurines that have since become internationally known and collected. Marolin figurines are hand composed using a combination of kaolin, chalk, paper fibers, organic paste, and clay before being hand poured and painted. These figurines, not unlike Vaillancourt’s Chalkware, are known for their artistic quality and detail.