2019 Sancerre CDE

VFA Nr. 242566-19

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3 lbs 14.875 × 5.25 × 5.625 in

A winemaking tradition as long as France?s is bound to produce a few historic vineyard sites here and there. But when some rosy-cheeked monk or abbot?the wine bloggers of their age?singles out a specific plot, you know you have something truly special. In his 1777 history of Sancerre, the abbot Poupart wrote that ?the Bouffants hillside is one of the best I know in our Sancerre area.? Judging by the contents of Roger Neveu?s 2018 Sancerre C?tes des Embouffants?a fresh-cut-grass-and-citrus-inflected Sauvignon Blanc of incredible precision?that statement remains true to this day.

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