Bernard Magrez 2019 Sauvignon Blanc (Bordeaux)

VFA Nr. 3.76013E+12

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This white Bordeaux is fine yet complex, with rich aromas of grape-fruit, pear and pineapple yielding to subtle mineral notes. The first sip reveals a richness and harmony; the bright acidity rounds it out nicely to give the fullest expression of Bordeaux Sauvignon Blanc.

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3 lbs 14.875 × 5.25 × 5.625 in

Bernard Magrez owns many of Bordeaux’s most iconic estates including Ch?teau Pape Cl?ment an exception Grand Cru Class? from Pessac-L?ognan. Celebrated for his attention to detail in the vineyard and constant achievement of excellence in the winery which translates into award-winning wines for every occasion.

?My life has been forty years of passion for vines and wine. Now I want to pass on this sense of excellence. I?m a vintner, with four Grand Cru Class?s estates in Bordeaux, a handful of exquisite vineyards in the south and wineries in eight other countries around the world, and through them I can create real emotions and wonder. This is what I?ve always done, and what I?ll always do. And this is why I?m so proud to present my latest wine, the Bordeaux Bernard Magrez.?

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