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Bonded Marble Dust Made in United States
Seasons: Christmas

These are created by Hestia Creations in Marblehead, Massachusetts. Set includes The Christ Child: His name is Jesus. Is he human or divine? To some, the answer. Mary: Later, she would become one of the most celebrated women in history. Joseph: It is hard to find a more supportive person in human history than Joseph.

About Hestia Creations

Nestled on a quiet downtown side street in the seaside town of Marblehead, Massachusetts is the studio and shop of Hestia Creations. Because it isn’t on a main street and is often overlooked and dubbed “Marblehead’s Hidden Treasure.”  Hestia has been creating handmade and, custom-made commemorative gifts and home décor accessories since 1986. Although started as the inspiration of artist Linda MacDonald, the creative tradition now continues with the current owners Al and Joanne D’Alessandro, who purchased the company in 2005 and provide the ongoing vision. Most of Hestia’s creations are custom designs, created for gift sellers who know the value of being able to offer items that can’t be found anywhere else. Each piece, whether the charming VillageScape miniature, the amazingly dimensional AmeriScape ornament, locally-themed ceramics and watercolors, or our wonderfully realistic and detailed Nativity figure, is handcrafted and hand-painted by a Hestia artist.