Nostalgic Glass Ornament American Flag with Santa (Assorted)

VFA Nr. 182-1007

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Glass Made in Germany

Argued as one of the first manufacturers of Christmas ornaments, the story of Germany’s Nostalgie Christbaumschmuck American Flag is interesting. The company first would make “Kugels” and later fruit and bells by blowing the glass into moulds before being painted. In the 1890s, F. W. Woolworth popularized the ornament style by commissioning the American Flags for his stores.

About Nostalgie Christbaumschmuck

Nostalgie-Christbaumschmuck mouth-blows nostalgic glass ornaments in the historical methods of craftsmanship as artisans over a century ago. Each ornament is created in Lauscha, Germany using historical moulds—many restored originals passed down three generations. The style, and process, are certain to evoke the memory of yesteryear’s Christmas.