MAROLIN Large Hare Candy Box with Basket

VFA Nr. 950011k

Handmade and painted in Steinach, Germany.

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3 lbs 9.5 × 5 × 17 in
Papier-mâché Made in Germany

Marolin Manufaktur has handmade this, and other, papier-mâché collectible figurines since 1900. The company is family-owned and recognized for their moulded, hand painted, figurines. A story not unlike Vaillancourt’s American chalkware.

About Marolin Manufaktur

Founded in 1900, Richard Mahr of Steinach, Germany created the finely detailed papier-mâché figurines that have since become internationally known and collected. Marolin figurines are hand composed using a combination of kaolin, chalk, paper fibers, organic paste, and clay before being hand poured and painted. These figurines, not unlike Vaillancourt’s Chalkware, are known for their artistic quality and detail.