Sitting Marguerite Angels (Set of 3)

VFA Nr. 634/70/2014

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Handmade in Germany by Wendt & K?hn since 1915.

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1 lbs 1 × 0.5 × 1.5 in
Wood Made in Germany
Seasons: Christmas

This set of 3 sitting marguerite angels were part of Wendt & Kuhn’s spring 2014 release. Each one was handcrafted and handpainted in Germany. The set of the three features an angel holding a toy duck, angel painting goblet and jug and angel with decorative Santa. These adorable wooden figurines are hand painted with intricate details. The romantic little village of Grunhainichen lies embedded in the deep forests and gentle hills of the Erzgebirge mountains. Here, deep in the south-east of Germany, wood carving is a traditional skill with a long history. With their care-free smile and irresistible charm, the playful Blossom Kinder, heavenly angels and all the other lovely figures appeal to young and old alike, enchanting people from all walks of life.

About Wendt & Kühn

The unique figurines from Wendt & Kühn in Grünhainichen tell a fascinating story that first began in 1915. In that year, two graduates of the Royal Saxon School of Applied Art, Grete Wendt (1887-1979) and Margarete Kühn started a company that would end up being world-famous 100 years later. To the present day, the traditional Wendt & Kühn manufactory calls Grünhainichen home and continues the life’s work of Grete Wendt and her friend Olly Wendt, née Sommer (1896-1991).