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Nantucket Shell Seeker Santa


The 2017 Nantucket Santa is introduced in editions. The sold out first edition was hand carved with limited edition premier numbers and the second edition is beautifully moulded.

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I understand that the first edition is sold out. The product photographed is Judi’s original and the actual production piece may differ slightly—as all hand painted pieces will.


After eleven additions to the Nantucket Summer Series, the 2017 Nantucket Shell Seeker Santa was introduced in two editions. The first edition was a limited edition of less than 30 pieces that shows the moulded Santa with a hand-carved basket on his back with shells. The second edition (Judi’s original is pictured) features the same Santa but the basket and shells differs slightly and is moulded.

Painted in subtle tones, Judi designed this Santa with cool grey eyes and with a coat and pants that mimic the Grey Lady mists of a Nantucket morning. Having taken a stroll through the morning beach sands, this Nantucket Santa is collecting shells and putting them into his Nantucket Basket for safe keeping. Between all the shells, and the starfish stuck to his foot, it’s safe to say that the good boys and girls on the island will be getting a special treat during the holiday season.

Premier Numbers of the first edition were unveiled at the Small Friends Show on Nantucket.

The first edition is sold out.

Additional information

Weight 3 lbs
Dimensions 3.25 × 3 × 6 in
Mould Information Vaillancourt (Massachusetts)
Year Issued 2017
Series Nantucket Santa Series


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