Collector’s Design Series Original Football Santa

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This was a one-of-a-kind not available to the public. You are more than likely looking for the Collector’s Design Series Santa With Gold Bag.

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Each year, during Collector’s Weekend, we try to create a weekend that celebrates tradition. At the event’s main event, the Collector’s Dinner, one lucky participant is chosen to work with Judi in designing their own piece that will be commercially available. The Collector’s Design Series piece for 2018 was inspired by this original piece—which is not commercially availble—when Judi worked with last year’s winner, Dennis Pienkowski, to create a piece that brought Dennis’ fondest memories to life.

Please note that this piece was never available commercially. The Collector’s Design Series with Gold Bag is offered alternatively.

Country of Origin

United States



ClassificationOne of a kind
SeriesCollectors Design Series
Year Issued2018
StatusSold Out

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