Arguably, the most commonly used poetic form, the traditional haiku consist of 17 “on” (Japanese for syllable) within three phrases of 5, 7 and 5 respectively. In 2009, we ventured to write one Christmas Haiku a day for a complete year. Aided with the help of our staff, collectors, and friends, we were happy to have come up with 365 Christmas Haikus for every day of the year! Enjoy and Merry Christmas!

August 4
We didn’t believe / we could do 365 / Christmas all year ’round!

August 3
We wish you the best / regardless what you believe / good tidings and health!

August 2
Time is winding down / Like production time for toys / haikus last few days

August 1
August is so hot / Elves want air conditioners / And snowmen are scarce

July 31
September brings Fall / Vacation ends for us all / All Elves back to work

July 30
October is spooky / Scares the Dickens out of me / Christmas ghosts roam free

July 29
November checklist / The good and bad are known / Screened out the turkeys

July 28
December is here / Everything is ready to go / Time for the big show

July 27
Melchoir brought the gold / Frankincense from Balthasar / And Gasper brought myrrh?

July 26
Left a glass of milk / In the morning, it’s still there / Brandy is missing!

July 25
Jingle jingle bells / On my sleigh,beautiful sound / Ringing in Christmas

July 24
Shiny Brite baubles / Adorn my tree high and low / What a Christmas glow!

July 23
Warm Christmas mulled wine / Sipped on a cold winter’s night / Makes everything right

July 22
Mistletoe above / So I kisses the misses / Then look for my wife

July 21
Santa left a mess / Soot and ash throughout the house / Mom was not happy

July 20
Jingle, jingle bells / Quasimodo loves Christmas / Jingle, jingle bells!

July 19
Unexpected stop / Bareback—not good for Dasher / needed a short rest

July 18
A weekend away / Santa must get back up North / Elves behind schedule

July 17
Riding the ferry / makes Santa thankful for deer / much more efficient

July 16
Weekend at the beach / kids mistake him for a whale / can’t wear the speedo

July 15
Nantucket for him / Santa will attend the show / Weekend at Bartlet’s

July 14
Heat Wave in the States / Santa hopes they don’t come North / tourists stomp his snow.

July 13
Got a call from Mel / Hoping that Santa forgives / throwing sand at Greg

July 12
Virginia still doubts / Santa really exist, but / He believes in her

July 11
The saint Nick diet / Of cookies and milk gives a- /Well rounded figure

July 10
Miss Red Riding Hood / Wants just one thing this Christmas / Her grandmama back

July 9
Summer is the time / That snowmen take vacation / In Antarctica

July 8
Chicken little cried / When she saw eight reindeer fly / “Look up in the sky”

July 7
Jack went up the stalk / To wish a merry Christmas / Giant said “Humbug”

July 6
My chimney is small / Santa could not fit at all / Presents left by door

July 5
Cats and dogs like toys / Just like good girls and good boys. / Here comes Santa Claws.

July 4
Fireworks and grills / Santa sits back and enjoys / Independence Day

July 3
Sugar plum fairies / Leap, dance, twirl throughout my head / Sweet, Nutcracker Suite

July 2
Carrots for noses / Coal for eyes,and corn cob pipes / Add snow, for cool men

July 1
July is the month / Fireworks light the night sky / Like a christmas tree

June 30
Flying through the air / Presents for here and there / Delivered with care

June 20
How old is Santa? / Little Timmy wants to know / Kim guesses sixty

June 19
Dim the lights tonight / Poker game in the basement / Santa needs new sleigh

June 18
The snowman long gone / the grass is long enough now / for reindeer to graze

June 17
Little Miss Muffet / Asked Santa for a tuffet / And a can of raid!

June 16
Little Tommy Stout / Saved the pussy from the well / And Santa left toys

June 15
Little Johnny Flynn / Tried to drown poor pussy cat / And Santa left coal

June 14
Lady in the shoe / Asked Santa for just one gift /A size twenty two

June 13
Santa was worried / For Humpty after party / He gifted a net

June 12
Jack in the corner / Sat and ate his Christmas pie / And it was plum good

June 11
Mary had a little lamb / But Santa’s reindeer looked grand / So she traded up

June 10
Santa left a pail / For Jack and Jill on the hill / Filled with much candy

June 9
Hey diddle diddle / Elves, reindeer and a fiddle / Christmas Eve Square Dance

June 8
Santas and Snowmen / Rabbits, goblins, made by hand / Vaillancourt Folk Art!

June 7
Glad to be retired / Came to Collector’s Weekend / And got my Santa!!

June 6
“I’m a collector / Vaillancourt is very dear / Been many a year”

June 5
Come visit Sutton / Santas, Rabbits, Halloween / Vaillancourt is here

June 4
Thanksgiving, Christmas / All the holidays you know / Halloween also!

June 3
Vaillancourt Weekend / Came to us every April / You should come here too!

June 2
It’s important that / Good Christmas chocolate is one / of the four food groups

June 1
June is for weddings / Gifts are in the registry / Santa gets a break

May 31
Vaillancourt Weekend / with the best of fellowship / Happens all year round

May 30
It’s almost Christmas / Vaillancourts is always fine / Santa of all kinds

May 29
A Dickens Christmas / how wonderful to behold / keep Christmas all year

May 28
Chalkware in a row / Santas tall, short, plump and bright / bringing happiness

May 27
Judi can design / the most spectacular things / I wish I could too

May 26
Gerald D was here / Spreading joy and Christmas cheer / Doing Dickens proud

May 25
Halloween, Christmas / Easter bunnies, turkeys too / All done by Judi

May 24
As Gerald doth spoke / of Christmas joy and good will / Echoing Charles’ words

May 23
Christmas Cheer year ’round / friends and family together / sing festive carols

May 22
Baking until 2:00 / Yummy coconut cupcakes / diet starts Monday

May 21
Deck the halls with joy / Vaillancourt Santas galore / festivity-filled

May 20
Judi and Gary / Make Christmas more fun for me / Baking Gingerbread

May 19
Collector’s Weekend / Painting, Family, Friends, and food / Traditions Start here

May 18
Painting at Vaillancourts / Mine is a work in progress / Painting is close now

May 17
Vaillancourt Folk Art / Collections inspired themes / maintain lasting charm!

May 16
Oh to paint Santa / It’s harder than it should be! / Oh drat! Made a splat!

May 15
Go Faster, Faster! / The time is growing nearer / Santa is waiting!

May 14
Spring birds all around / sunshine warms us all the time / Christmas is coming!

May 13
Daffodils now grow / no where do we see the snow / Enjoy the sunshine

May 12
Now Springtime is here / Christmas seems so far away / But you just behave!

May 11
When Cindy Lou Who / Caught the Grinch with the presents / She believed his lies.

May 10
My gingerbread house / Trimmed with icing and gumdrops / Truly Home Sweet Home

May 9
Ralphie wants a gun / But everyone gives warning / “You’ll shoot your eye out!

May 8
New reindeer recruits /Arrive at Santa’s workshop / To start flight training.

May 7
I woke up early / Mom gave Santa Claus a kiss / And Dad shook his hand

May 6
Ginger to marry / To a baker- Johnny Bread / Now she’s Ginger Bread.

May 5
Santa at auction / Looking for a new red sled / Got outbid today.

May 4
Jolly elf Tom Kane / Met Candice at New Year’s Bash / Now she’s Candi Kane.

May 3
Painting my santa / Can’t seem to get the eyes right / I’ll make him sleeping!

May 2
Judi Vaillancourt / An incredible painter / talented artist
by: Fred and Diane S.

May 1
Try as Santa May / Reindeer won’t let Rudolph play / He’ll shine later

April 30
April brings showers / Mrs Clause plants flowers / Elves work long hours

April 29
March signals the time / Santa’s workshop Springs to life / Elves brush off the tools

April 28
February snow / Taking the sleigh to grammas / Laughing all the way

April 27
January bliss / Presents are all delivered / Santa takes a rest

April 26
from near and quite far / in an airplane, car and train / gather in Sutton

April 25
Judi’s museum will / be arranged for full view for / collectors weekend

April 24
Blaxton’s hall welcomes / collectors from near and far / in Christmas spirit

April 23
collectors weekend / special santas avail / to the collectors love

April 22
collectors weekend / banquet and Dickens lecture / will be just dessert

April 21
collectors weekend / the Fezziwigs reception / will have you dancing

April 20
collectors weekend / Christmas revels with music / will make spirits bright

April 19
collectors weekend / Bill Wallace’s valentine cards / are the best around

April 18
collectors weekend / Bruce Elsass on Halloween / will get spirits up

April 17
collectors weekend / judi’s lecture on dickens / will be well worth while

April 16
collectors weekend / paint your own santa with us / and have a good time

April 15
He went to GiftMart / to see what the new toys are / minimums went up

April 14
Santa’s fingers sore / it is tough to type haikus / every single day

April 13
The good ole days gone / 2.2 billion kids now / most of them are good

April 12
Letters keep coming / so many claim to be good / it’s a mess to file

April 11
Depression sets in / another day without snow / it is not the same

April 10
Not sure when it came / nor how long it sat outside / that is why he delivers

April 9
Computer went down / can’t find any of the SKUs / Santa needs a Mac

April 8
Promotion for Mae / She has been here the longest / up, up the ladder!

April 7
Some elves have come back / but a dozen found new work / moved to the big city

April 6
Had lots of coffee / and now there is a long line / Santas gotta go!

April 5
Easter Bunny came / but this is a Christmas blog / so, “ho ho ho ho!”

April 4
Little Johnny’s sad / Santa, no where to be found / hes walked the mall twice

April 3
A deep wishing well / is more scary than the lap / to ask for fun toys

April 2
It feels much like Spring / Mrs. tends to the garden / She wants to grow flowers

April 1
For those who follow / our tiny 4 is here! / how can you not want???

March 31
It is the last day / A new tiny santa soon / get him while he lasts!

March 30
Had lots of showers / the flowers will grow so strong… / …can’t wait for the snow

March 29
March is almost done / And April will soon be here / Then it’s December

March 28
I like christmas presents / Giving to friends and family / Getting is better

March 27
Reindeer can not sing / And elves all have two left feet. / No Holiday Show!

March 26
Better than money / Chalkware piece for your honey / She”ll think you are sweet

March 25
Deep down in our hearts / There is only one St. Nick / He lives in us all.

March 24
Santa took a Fall / But didn’t get hurt at all / Jelly Belly saved.

March 23
Summer at North pole / Not much different than Winter / A little less snow.

March 22
A Spring in his step / A jolly Santa gets prepped / To deliver toys

March 21
In front of the fire / With a warm Winter blanket / Reading Charles Dickens

March 20
He looked down to see / As he sat with his feet up / a hole in his sock

March 19
The Heavenly Choirs / That sing well each Christmas eve / Brings a smile to all

March 18
Brenda Lee did sing / Rocking Around Christmas Tree / In the late 1950s

March 17
Crosby The Crooner / Sang White Christmas many times / Each time was special

March 16
Bare Naked Ladies / Sing ‘God Rest Ye Gentlemen’ / In a brand new way

March 15
Bless you, Everyone / From the Lips of tiny Tim / Brings tears to our eyes

March 13
Oranges, brown cloves / decorate the perfect scene / smells and looks so great

March 12
A good Christmas punch / Toasts welcome the season / fellowship complete

March 11
A Gingerbread House / It’s baked and decorated / an evening complete

March 10
Pine cones and popcorn / Strung and hung on Christmas Trees / Family traditions

March 9
Snowflakes big and small / Fall gently in the forest / spreading white carpet

March 8
Ornaments glisten / hanging on a Christmas tree / catch the light gently

March 7
Candlelight is soft / a fireplace burns for warmth / and hot chocolate soothes

March 6
Wooden toboggan. / Me and three of my best friends / Speeding down the hill!

March 5
Need fertilizer / For his Christmas Spring Garden. / Reindeer fed real well!

March 4
Wanting a garden, / Santa got a little help. / Told elves- Hoe!, Hoe!, Hoe!

March 3
Scariest of all / Ghost of Christmas yet to come / Change – or no love lost!

March 2
Ghost of Christmas Now / Showing how others see you / And what you might change.

March 1
Ghost of Christmas Past / Shows what was and can not change / Fix, don’t repeat it!

March 1
Ghost of Christmas Past / Tiny time and Bob Cratchet / A Christmas Carol

February 28
A new list started / Of the nasty and the nice / Santa’s watching you

February 27
Washington Irving / To have a Merry Christmas / Visits Bracebridge Hall.

February 26
Nick’s elves unionize / Warmer workshop, newer tools / And more gingerbread!

February 25
Smell – chestnuts roasting / Hear – The carolers sing / See – Happy faces

February 24
Spring is coming quick / Easter Bunny on “Good” list / Dyed Santa’s eggs Red

February 23
Virginia believes / Popcorn and berry garland / Makes Christmas trees glow

February 22
Stockings hung with care / Milk and Cookies on Table / Soon he will be there

February 21
A reindeer recall / Their hoofs lose traction on ice / Might get reindeer shoes

February 20
Decided on Maine / Reindeer dealer has big sale / He wants to upgrade

February 19
Mr. and Mrs. Go South / A tropical Vacation / South to Canada

February 18
Reindeer in the house / never clean their hooves off well / mud and snow all over

February 17
Workshop is quiet / all the elves have the day off / finally some rest

February 16
Heard scratching at night / opened the locker slowly / elf was locked inside

February 15
Stopped by the workshop / he left his tool belt in there / has to fix the sleigh

February 14
Poor Rudy flutters / When sweet Gina hops on past / and smiles his way

February 13
Did you here the one? / How the reindeer all have fun. / North Pole limbo, mon!

February 12
Frosty hates summer / Bronzed bodies are all the rage. / And snowmen can’t tan!

February 11
How many reindeer? / To change out a burnt lightbulb. / None, they use Rudolph!

February 10
Holidays over. / Time for the gym and diet. / Too much goose and pie!

February 9
Sir Scrooge and Marley / worked in their counting house / and were known louses

February 8
Ebenezer scrooge / discovered Christmas one night / after a big fright

February 7
Claus and Mrs Claus dance / ballroom style with the elves / when the work is done

February 6
candy canes taste good / for good children in the hood / especially true

February 5
He dresses in red / so children can see him too / in dreams vivid true

February 4
shiny boots are bright / so Santa can see his feet / in the dark chimney

February 3
dark black shiny shoes / Mrs Claus shines them every night / so Santa feels right

February 2
Father Christmas says, / “You better behave,” / “for a few more months.”

February 1
Almost missed a day / The elves were in the sauna / Wanted to stay in

January 31
Haikus are so fun / when Santa Claus is watching / with his feet on desk

January 30
Single white snowflake / Mother Nature’s work of art. / Not by the thousands!

January 29
Valentine Santa / in red and white with hearts / makes a special gift

January 28
Santa and Rudolf / lead the display of new pieces / down in Atlanta

January 27
Red and green tinsel / with ornaments decorate / make the season bright!

January 26
Cut birch trees / make chalkware display stand out / from all the others

January 25
Garland hung with love / Hanging from ceiling above / Glowing in the light

January 24
Christmas Treasures Bright / To build a small child’s delight / On a Christmas night

January 23
Ornaments hung high / to keep from children’s small hands / avoid a clean up

January 23
Stupid reindeer games / Cupid with bow and arrow. / A pain in the butt

January 22
Be careful walking / Lurking around the corner / Children with snowballs

January 22
Mrs. Claus baking. / Elves sweeping up the workshop. / Santa snores in chair.

January 21
Toys, finished on time. / Tough! says Hermey the Dentist. / “It’s like pulling teeth”

January 20
Silver bells ring loud / In the town square, such a crowd. / Rudolph-Clarice wed.

January 19
Mistletoe beckons / Gentlemen don’t kiss and tell, / But that kiss was swell!

January 18
Reindeer off-season / Give Santa back massages- / “Paws that Refreshes”

January 17
Dashing through the snow. / Left the house, kids did not go! / Need Gram’s bathroom – Now!

January 16
Dancing on tables! / Grampa with lampshade on head! / Who spiked the eggnog?

January 15
Does Santa go South / for a vacation this time / with the elves in charge?

January 14
Santa Claus Must Like / This time of year way up North / Takes naps and works hard

January 13
Three magi appear / The nativity’s complete / The Epiphany!

January 12
The holiday fun / Like the Christmas fudge is done / Time to clean the house

January 11
The end of the year / Some things got done, some did not / That’s why there’s next year!

January 10
Snow keeps coming down / it is mid-January / I’m ready for Spring

January 9
Presents under tree / And Children are under foot! / Break out the egg nog!

January 8
Christmas carol sung. / Where is my figgy pudding? / Then I can go home.

January 7
A Christmas Carol / Scared the Dickens out of me! / Nice person I’ll be.

January 6
Freshly fallen snow / Nice in hills and valleys, but / Not in my driveway

January 5
My first Chalkware piece / Given with Love, Affection! / New tradition born.

January 4
Grinch did discover / It’s Friends and Family that count / Lessons from Whoville

January 3
Man in the Moon sighs, / How can Santa get to me? / Need plum pudding pies.

January 2
A chalkware turkey / Beautiful to see and hold / Don’t try to cook it!

January 1
New Morning Has Come / Welcome to two-thousand-ten / A Year of great things!

December 31
Santa likes Korbels / poured glasses for him and mrs. / Happy New Years Eve!

December 30
Santa has started / editing the naughty list / some boys just don’t share

December 29
one, two, three, four, five / I received five pairs of socks / the others had holes

December 28
It’s three days after / and lists are already in / for Christmas next year

December 27
Phone calls from Strangers / letters over flow mailbox / thank you, Santa Claus!

December 26
Boots are off, feet are up / Mrs. Claus gives great foot rubs / to those who work hard.

December 25
A Merry Christmas / To all of you, From us at / Vaillancourt Folk Art

December 24
Night Before Christmas / and all is still through the house / Children are in bed.

December 23
Mrs. Claus is sad / always worries about him / traveling alone.

December 22
Preparing the duck / For a Christmas eve dinner / Hope Steve brings the sides

December 21
A Christmas Carol / can be heard out the front door / your neighbors are cold

December 20
Charles Dickens once wrote / a story about Christmas / to be read out loud

December 19
Christmas lights are bright / some even sync with music / others are steady.

December 18
Week after Men’s Night / have to wrap my presents tight / or the wife will peek!

December 17
Krampus gives warning / Misbehave, happiness wanes. / Gifts will disappear.

December 16
Freshly fallen snow / Blanket the hills and valley / Look for reindeer tracks

December 15
Ice hangs in the trees. / Skaters glide gleeful on lake. / Father Frost has come!

December 14
Kings walk through the night, / A star overhead burns bright. / Born is a new World!

December 13
Christmas can be fun. / For Santa, this can wreck it. / Reindeer with the runs!

December 12
Twelth Day of Christmas / Shouldn’t have had all that Glogg / Drums are way too LOUD!

December 11
Christmas-Eleven / A long clay pipe smoked gently / Perfect end to Day.

December 10
Tenth Day of Christmas / My Lord ! Look at all the stuff, / Leaping off the shelves

December 9
Ninth Day of Christmas / No pots or houseware presents, / Ladies dance for Joy!

December 8
Eighth Day of Christmas / I truly need a few Maids, / A big party Mess!

December 7
Christmas Day Seven / Swans depressed- Can’t go swimming / Lakes are all frozen!

December 6
Sixth Day of Christmas / Hope I got right Vaillancourt / Or my goose is cooked!

December 5
Fifth Day of Christmas / Rings all over my tables. / No one used coasters!

December 4
Fourth day of Christmas / Calling birds cackle and sing / Oh! What a racket!

December 3
Third day of Christmas / Holiday party prepared / Where are the french hens?

December 2
Day two of Christmas / Turtle doves fly from my hand / Peace throughout the land

December 1
First day of Christmas / A partridge sits in a tree / A sign of true love.

November 30
Snowmen don’t grow old / Around for just a season / But return next year.

November 29
Night before Christmas / It is Silent and Holy / Fa la la la la

November 28
red and green berries / hung on the fireplace mantel / bring joy to the heart

November 27
Starlight, a starlight / First starlight I see tonight. / Coming home with me!

November 26
A Thanksgiving feast / although amazing, will not, / replace Christmas goose!


Happy Thanksgiving!

November 25
It’s one month away / a most special Christmas day / Ready for the cheer??

November 24
garland and tinsel / brighten up the old cupboard / with soft twinkle lights

November 23
a red christmas tree / with lots of twinkling lights / shows glass ornaments

November 22
a green feather tree / with lots of spaces between / shows off Christmas lights

November 21
tinsel hung with care / on a Christmas tree somewhere / is shining for me

November 20
Believe it or not / Santa is coming to town / on Christmas at night

November 19
Sing Christmas carols / with a strong voice full of love / for grace from above

November 18
The Christmas fairy / will deliver Christmas cheer / each and every year

November 17
Rudolf and Clarice / share the Christmas adventure / that warm time of year

November 16
The pretty paper / to wrap our special presents / for our lovely wife

November 15
Reindeer need a break. / Can not afford a big rig. / Santa rides a pig!

November 14
Thinks of nothing else / Nothing done around the house / Too many haikus

November 13
Mid air collision! / A fat man, haggard old witch! / “Ghostly” happening!

November 12
King Arthur’s lament. / His Queen Guinevere desires / Knight Before Christmas!

November 11
A halloween switch. / Santa in ears, a puff tail! / A basket, no sled.

November 9
Scrooge and his money. / Marley, Tiny Tim, and ghosts! / Tale of Two Pities!

November 8
Broke a leg skiing? / Here is a word to the wise: / Don’t use candy cane!

November 7
Mom always told me / God and santa will watch me / A good girl to be

November 6

Traded his sleigh in / Anyone for reindeer pie? / Jaguar Santa flies!

November 5
Jingle, jingle bells / Cookie and milk at each stop. / Watch the belly swell!

November 4
Stuck in the chimney / Santa started to panic! / He’s Claus-trophobic!

November 3
A bell rang tonight / Another angel took flight / A Wonderful Life!

November 2
Blowing winter snow / Hot cocoa and marshmallows / Good book, warm blanket

November 1
Warm winter sun / Not a day at the beach / For snowmen at all

October 31
Santa can’t dress up / He’s busy getting ready / Leave Candy at door

October 30
Frosty the snowman / Magic hat and corncob pipe / Winter fun delight

October 29
One day unites us / Giftgivers travel the lands. / Peace, love, hope for all!

October 28
santa claus in a car / never has far to travel / to find a warm heart

October 27
claus with a candy cane / for a special boy or girl / who comes with a smile

October 26
santa claus holding / a shiny bright ornament / to hang on a tree

October 25
Mental note for you / CHRISTMAS IS TWO MONTHS AWAY / you seen our chalkware?

A Great Gingerbread Coat Chalkware Santa

October 24
santa in a chair / holding a brown teddy bear / for a very good girl

October 23
a full christmas moon / a snowman and cardinal / brings christmas delight’

October 22
Black Peter, St. Nick / Travel the lands, coal and toys / So which will you get?

October 21
blue with silver trim / for twenty five years of joy / for true collectors

October 20
a snowman with pipe / and a stoneware mug and pipe / is in the spirit

October 19
even santa claus / gets’a dressed for halloween / for trick or treating

October 18
Sleigh and deer on roof. / Carefully check insurance, / For the Santa clause!

October 17
Gingerbread houses / Icing and gumdrops adorn. / Look good, taste better!

October 16
A starlight bought now, / Can make a smile from a frown / Of kids all around!

October 15
Hope and love for all / St. Nick, a sleigh, eight reindeer / Flying in nights air!

October 14
Virginia dream’n / Sugar plum fairies dance’n / Tin soldiers march’n

October 13
Shattered glass on floor / santa sucked in his gut, though / still could not fit past

October 12
red, gold, and silver / are the only colors here / for a festive tree.

October 11
Search, La Befana / With gifts, through out all the land. / Where is the Christ child?

October 10
No mice were stirring / Kitten curled up and purring. / Here comes Santa Claws!

October 9
Santa at the beach / Is never out of our reach / For good boys and girls

October 8
warm chocolate milk / A big healthy warm cookie / Makes Santa claus smile

October 7
Santa has one beer / After a long night of cheer / Before a long nap

October 6
krampus is very Dutch / Saint Nicholas is also / Children are as well

October 5
Rudolph won’t get out / it is much too cold for him / heated blanket on

October 5
saint nick is for good / Belsnickle is for the bad / Children of the world

October 4
they say not to trust / a skinny chef, but I say / santa must be fat!

October 3
oil paint galore / lots of patience to deplore / to make them special

October 2
Knickerbocker smokes / Puppy lovingly by side / Kids sleep anxiously

October 1
Freshly fallen snow / Riding a sled, cold and bold / Oh! A child to be!

September 30
The month is over / Three more until the big day / Good-bye September

September 29
The dry cleaner called / he can’t get the chocolate out / melted in pocket

September 28
velvet, silk, cotton / all at once, or none at all / when making his suit

September 27
candy canes with swirls / gum drops with lemon flavors / dentist will be mad

September 26
one two three four five / count the boxes with surprise / don’t open them yet!

September 25
Santa has red cheeks / a big thick mustache and beard / a very warm heart

September 24
Stocking hung with care / in hopes of Saint Nicholas / will sooner appear

September 23
Hot apple cider / chestnuts roasting on open fire / fills heart with desire

September 22
cookies and warm milk / make santa relax and smile / for the extra mile

September 21
Father Christmas knows / who is especially nice / and whose heart is ice

September 20
Visions of sugar / plums dancing into her head / at nighttime in bed

September 19
Dancer Prancer Comet / pulling santas sleigh with toys / for good girls and boys

September 18
Nantucket santa / top sails and whales delivered / on Christmas morning

September 17
Glogg on the table / Reindeer left unattended / All have red noses

September 16
This great white pumpkin / glows with Christmas spirit more / than Halloween light.

September 15
Mary and Joseph / a baby in a manger / brings hope to the world

September 14
Snowman with a tear / shows reflection and sorrow /for more than a year

September 13
Silver and blue claus / loaded with toys and apples / for good boys and girls

September 12
Children on a sled / makes everyone exhausted / to sleep well tonight

September 11
Sing Joy to the world / the Christ Child is born today / with hope for mankind

September 10
Starlight star bright claus / helps critically ill kids / through Vaillancourt sales

September 9
jingle jingle bells / the horse knows the way for sleigh / santa is on way

September 8
Puddle in kitchen / Burnt cookies in the oven, / Snowmen shouldn’t bake.

September 7
a snowman with smile / red white blue patriotic / for America

September 6
Good Children place treats / plate of cookies, cup of milk / with love for santa

September 5
Christmas stocking hung / by a lit fire with care / in hopes of Saint Nick

September 4
A Christmas sunrise / makes a beautiful morning / for a boy’s delight

September 3
Christmas morning snow / is magical to behold / a blessing from God

September 2
santa is coming / children are naughty or nice / coal or gifts receive

September 1
Christmas is coming / The goose is getting fatter / give me a penny

August 31
Bitter December / Kids snowball old Mr. Jones / We need lots of coal.

August 30
I hope it will hold / The heavy paws of Reindeer / Just got a new roof

August 29
Look straight up above / While he is going by / Might be a bad move

August 28
Looking down below / While going very fast / Makes anyone sick!

August 27
Shiny star on top / Baubles, lights, tinsel adorn / Darn needles on ground.

August 26
Christmas in August / Would only be fun just once / We would miss the snow

August 25
Spirit of Christmas / always keep it in your heart / Peace, joy, happiness

August 24
Holidays are fun / everyone is on the run / time to celebrate

August 23
Christmas is so near! / Everyone is in good cheer / waiting for Santa

August 22
Plum pudding smells right / Gingerbread in the oven / Fruitcake forgotten

August 21
Gingerbread is made / Mrs. Claus sees that it is / while santa stares

August 20
What does Mrs. do / when he is gone for so long / entertains the elves

August 19
Does he like coffee / does he need a little boost / to fly through the night?

August 18
Vintage moulds are used / and some times modern day too / by the Vaillancourts

August 17
For how many years / has Father Christmas roamed here / more than you and me

August 16
Washington Irving’s / St. Nick might have looked like this / Knickerbocker “elf”

August 15
It’s humid this day / but in four more months we’ll see / snow and ice and trees

August 14
Heat waves are not fun / especially for the young / waiting his visit

August 13
Santa likes to walk / Each year before his big ride / And not with his bride

August 12
Christkindle and deer / Is a German tradition / For many long years

August 11
Kris in Nantucket / A plump goose in Pawtucket / Christmas meal-pluck it

August 10
Short, fat, jolly too / Santa looks happy to go / On a sleigh for you

August 9
Reindeers need a rest / Santa may seek a new ride / here piggy piggy

August 8
Christmas is coming / Although maybe months away / Snow will blanket soon

August 7
Santa Claus is here / make sure the kids are in bed / or coal is your gift

August 6
Mrs. Claus went out / needed to buy more fabric / bad cookie habit

August 5
It’s Our First Haiku / Trying to make Santa proud / We want lots of toys