DebDebra has been a collector of vintage Christmas lights before her pieces were considered “vintage.” Learn about the History of Christmas lights and discover where lights are going today with the advancement of LED bulbs. Have fun seeing how to incorporate burned out bulbs, vintage boxes, vintage strands of lights and the new LED lights into your holiday decorating. And naturally how you can always add a little “Vaillancourt” to your displays.

Debra has been collecting Vaillancourt for more than 20 years. Her sister Pam purchased the American Snowman with Broom and like her sister, she had to also have one, and a collection started. This will be Debra’s fifth year attending the Collector’s weekend. She was delighted when she was selected to create a Santa with Judy the very first time attending. Naturally, that Santa incorporated her lighted Ice bulbs and it is one of her prized Santa’s. The Vaillancourt bunnies are her favorite but the Santas more than likely outnumber the bunnies.

Debra lives in Lombard, IL with her husband Jess and works at Ace Hardware Corporation where she is a facilitator on Leadership, Management & Amazing Customer Service training.