Vaillancourt Folk Art is expanding its Chalkware Snowman Collection this Holiday Season.

Some of the Chalkware Snowmen that Vaillancourt Folk Art has available within their Retail Gallery for 2016.Everyone loves a snowman. Whether it’s to celebrate the Holidays or simply to be reminded of the joy of childhood in winter, the Snowman is an icon that cannot be overlooked. While we haven’t introduced a new Snowman since 2015 with our Snowman With Mug—which was inspired by our Colonial Williamsburg ExclusiveSnowman with Hot Chocolate—we’re thrilled to have stocked the shelves with some of our past favorites. Including previously unavailable pieces that were only offered by joining our Snowman Clubs.

While we are happy to re-introduce you to these pieces, you can rest assured that we’ll have something new on the horizon in the coming weeks. Something that is sure to please those who affectionally love winter’s Snowman. See our complete line of available chalkware snowmen.