The Brocade Chalkware SeriesThose familiar with Vaillancourt Folk Art through the ages undoubtably know the timeless designs of the historic collection that Judi Vaillancourt started creating in 1984. Following us through the years, however, you’ll have noticed that we’ve introduced designs that appeal to the contemporary collector—with a bit of bling.

In 2009, while designing for Neiman Marcus, Judi Vaillancourt decided to develop a Chalkware line that was more recognizable to those more familiar with contemporary decorations. Using gold and silver leafing, Judi found that her pieces could obtain a glass-like attribute that matched the look and feel of her glass ornament line. Within a few short years later, after developing a custom piece for a museum, Judi saw that there was a certain charm to the traditional pieces accented with shimmer. The Brocade Series was born—the classic Vaillancourt Chalkware incorporated with gold and silver leafing and embellished with subtly sophisticated beading, glitters, and decorative textures.

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