New Releases For Museum Vault Collection

Chalkware, newly added to the Museum Vault Collection this August

Tiny St. Nicholas — 1987
Tiny St. Nicholas — 1987

This August, we’ve come across a lot of very special Chalkware pieces from yesteryear. Some are very rare, limited edition pieces, some are premier numbers, and some have the original crackle finish. Throughout the month, we’ll be introducing these pieces sporadically into the Museum Vault Collection. Be certain to keep your eyes peeled, these are some very unique pieces that offer a glimpse into the past!

About the Museum Vault Collection
In 2006, we moved our production studios from the farmhouse on Armsby Road into the Manchaug Mills. During this move, bins of old chalkware that Gary had been squirreling away were found. These pieces have been made available through the Vault Collection. In conjunction with the 30th Anniversary Celebration in 2014, we released a lot of past favorites—of which many are sold out and retired—but they all are rare and loved. We hope you enjoy these pieces.