August Exclusive: The Texas Santa Collection Available To Pre-Order

For over a decade, Peek In The Attic was one of Vaillancourt’s largest stores. Situated in Dallas, Texas the store was known for their Vaillancourt Texas Santa—a piece that was introduced once a year with the symbols of Texas proudly integrated into its design. Although Peek In The Attic is no longer in business, the legacy of the Texas Santa collection will always be remembered.

For the month of August, the collection (not including the sold-out pieces) will be available to pre-order with an expected delivery as late as January. Whether you, or a loved one, has a special place in your heart for Texas, or your passion for the great frontier is front of mind, the Texas Santa series is sure to add a new level of Christmas to your collection.

While preparing this August offering, we were saddened to just learn of the passing of Bill Voinov who, along with his wife Marsha, ran the store, Peek in the Attic. “Wild Bill” as he was known around Vaillancourt’s worked tirelessly with a Judi each year to develop these detailed Texas Santa depicting the love Bill had for his adopted state. As a testimonial to our admiration of Bill and his family, we’re pleased to be able to offer, for the first time, all of the available Texas Santas that Bill and Judi worked on over the years.

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Part of The Texas Santa Collection.
Part of The Texas Santa Collection.