Short, Pudgy Santa

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While most European Father Christmas figures tend to be whimsical, tall, and slender, the Americanized holiday figure is often a jovial, rotund Santa. That is often the easiest way to be able to tell when, and where, the original chocolate mould used to create our chalkware Santas originates. In the case of the Short, Pudgy Santa, the mould originated in the United States and was created in our lifetime. Because of its shape, Judi decided to decorate this Short, Pudgy Santa in more traditional patterns and color schemes. While simple in style, the belt buckle—a hand beaded “S”—stands out as strong as his sharp eyes. When looking for that more symbolic Santa, look no further than the Short, Pudgy Santa.

Dimensions 3.75 in
Brand Vaillancourt Folk Art
Country of Origin



Seasons Winter
Year Issued 2011
Originally Designed For Nordstrom
Classification Exclusive
Mould Maker

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