VFA Nr. 813

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.35 lbs 1.5 × 2 × 6.5 in
Chalkware Made in United States
Seasons: Winter
Year Issued: 1994 at $90.00

Like most European countries, Germany has various Christmas traditions depending on the location, religion and folklore of each region. We have chosen Pelznichol or fur- clad St. Nicholas, because he became such a strong influence on the American picture of the gift giver figure. In northern Germany after the reformation the Pelznichol  accompanied by the Christkindl  brought gifts to children on Christmas Eve. When Germans settled in America Pelznichol became Belsnickle.

This Belsnickle is dressed in a fur trimmed red coat, mustard hood and black boots.

About Vaillancourt

The house brand to Vaillancourt Folk Art, Vaillancourt products expand beyond American made Chalkware and Polish made Ornaments—but, regardless the line, fine art quality is a staple of Vaillancourt products. As one of the last domestic Christmas studios, Vaillancourt is focused on keeping and growing your family’s traditions.