A Vaillancourt Christmas Wine (2021 Edition)

VFA Nr. 2021RWINEBOLD, Limited Edition

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2017 Pinot Noir (Monterey, California)

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3 lbs 14.875 × 5.625 × 5.625 in
Year Issued: 2021

Monterey wines benefit from the air of the Pacific ocean crashing into the rugged sea cliffs of the Santa Lucia mountains. It?s here that the Pinot Noir vines thrive on the vast Salinas Valley where bright sunshine radiates the rock outcrops and hills. The cool nights ensure the grapes do not ripen too quickly and the thick blanket of morning fog ensure the aroma and body of the wine is balanced by its nuance flavors of silky earth, minerals, and spice.

* Please note that liquor laws prohibit us from selling wine online. Bottles and cases of wine are available for sale on-site at our Sutton, MA retail gallery.

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