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Although our Retail Gallery is open all year (outside of being closed for January’s inventory), the Christmas season is when we overhaul the space with decorations that are meant to make you forget about the world outside and get lost in the magic of the season. But when the Vaillancourt family began hosting collectors on a bi-annual Viking River Cruise of Europe’s Christmas markets is when things really began to get interesting.

Finding absolute inspiration from the extensive Christkindlesmarkts throughout Europe, the Vaillancourt Retail Gallery—along with our chalkware and ornaments—enjoys subtle touches of inspiration from the markets, local cultures, and   German traditions.

Whether you join us in celebrating our annual “Christmas Opening with the introduction of the Starlight Santa,” our own two-day Christkindlesmarkt or winter outdoor Mini Wine Markets, or just to enjoy quiet Christmas shopping, we invite you to see the splendor of the season with us in Sutton.

Within our Retail Gallery you will find some of the highest quality Christmas brands that have stood the test of time as well as new brands that embody the spirit of Christmas. Newly discovered brands like KASTEL blend with brands that have historic roots throughout generations like Ino Schaller and MAROLIN, the displays and decorations are a literal winter wonderland and tip of the hat to department stores of years past.

Additionally, the Vaillancourt Chalkware and Ornament collections are the pride and joy of the Retail Gallery. For 2023, the Vaillancourt Collection looks unlike it ever has before, and that’s because most of the moulds used to shape these figures have been custom made to match the vision that Judi had for each design. Whether traditional reds, gray, or vibrant silver and golds, this year’s collection is sure to inspire both the traditional European celebration and the modern American festivities.

If you are able to join us in person in Sutton, or only through our website and catalog, we appreciate allowing us to start a tradition with you.

It’s hard to tell when a tradition begins…™

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