MAROLIN Sitting Skeleton With Ornaments, LTD.

VFA Nr. MM8220.23, Limited Edition

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Papier-mâché Made in Germany

Add an elegant and haunting touch to your Halloween decor with our limited edition sitting skeleton with ornate details crafted from MAROLIN papier-mâché. This masterpiece is not only a captivating representation of death but also a high-quality decorative piece that will command attention in any room or at any Halloween party. Our sitting skeleton has been meticulously crafted from MAROLIN papier-mâché ensuring impressive durability and stability. The intricate ornaments adorning the skeleton add a touch of elegance and an extra dimension to its macabre aesthetic. The eyes of the skeleton are adorned with sparkling Swarovski crystals imparting a captivating brilliance to the artwork. Each crystal has been carefully placed to bring the skeletons eyes to life and create an aura of mysterious allure. For your convenience and to preserve the exclusivity of this limited edition piece the skeleton is packaged in a high-quality wooden box. The box not only serves as practical stora…

About Marolin Manufaktur

Founded in 1900, Richard Mahr of Steinach, Germany created the finely detailed papier-mâché figurines that have since become internationally known and collected. Marolin figurines are hand composed using a combination of kaolin, chalk, paper fibers, organic paste, and clay before being hand poured and painted. These figurines, not unlike Vaillancourt’s Chalkware, are known for their artistic quality and detail.