Colonial Chocolatier Bunny

VFA Nr. 12011

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5.75 in
Chalkware Made in United States
Year Issued: 2012 at $120.00 for Colonial Williamsburg

When asked by Colonial Williamsburg in December 2011 to design a piece that represents the famous Chocolate shop at Colonial Williamsburg, Judi knew exactly where to turn. The scholastic School Master bunny had a shape and general outfit that would fit the part of a chocolatier well. Knowing that the piece was not a perfect replica of the Colonial chocolatier at Williamsburg, Judi went about moulding the piece until it was looked like a true Colonial Chocolatier Bunny. To be introduced in 2012 at Colonial Williamsburg, each Colonial Cocolatier Bunny will be hand sculpted and painted, and is planned to be produced in an extremely limited quantity.

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