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Gnome with Bag, VFA Nr. 19039 Gnome with Bag

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$220.00 1
Dutch Delft Santa with Sleigh, VFA Nr. 18036 Dutch Delft Santa with Sleigh

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$470.00 1
F.C. Wearing Black Coat & Redwork Sack

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$310.00 1
Three Gnomes and Angel on Sled

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$260.00 1
"A Christmas Carol" Book Ornament

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$80.00 1
2017 Valentine Santa, VFA Nr. 17016 Valentine Santa

In stock

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Black and White Rabbit with Delft Flower Pot, VFA Nr. 19002 Black and White Rabbit with Delft Flower Pot

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$250.00 1
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Angels and Wooden Miniatures

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