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The companion to the ever popular Ghouly Girl, Skeleton Girl is ready for Halloween with her outfit decked out with skulls and skeletons and makeup inspired by Día de Muertos. The skull truck-or-treat bag is hand carved to give this piece a personal touch. The piece was formally introduced at the 2014 Fall Opening where low numbers were be made available.

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Black Cat VFA Nr. 2006-60
Pumpkin with Hat VFA Nr. 9569
Witch Holding Pumpkin VFA Nr. 2008-62
Jack O Snowman VFA Nr. 2009-NKD-HA06
Pumpkin with Vine VFA Nr. 9661
Tiny Turkey VFA Nr. 2005-49
Devil VFA Nr. 2010-97
Trick or Treat Piggy VFA Nr. 2009-62
Assorted 30th Pumpkin VFA Nr. 229-30
Dracula VFA Nr. 12103
Pumpkin with Bats VFA Nr. 229D
Skeleton VFA Nr. 9568
Halloween Plaque VFA Nr. 2007-90
Halloween Rabbit VFA Nr. 2008-16
Skeleton Girl VFA Nr. 14087

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The Vaillancourt Gallery During Fall The Vaillancourt Gallery During Fall

It long days of summer are quickly becoming shorter and shorter; combined with the cool breeze, we know that fall is quickly approaching. Last week, the Vaillancourt Retail Gallery opened the doors to autumn with its annual Fall Opening. Although, Vaillancourt Folk Art is recognized nationwide for its Christmas collection, the Halloween and autumn decorations Read More »

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