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Twelve Months of Christmas: November

Santa with Gift Tags — The Santa with Gift Tags combines a traditional American Santa look with the ultimate personalization options to make him your own. With blank gift tags in his hand and on his backpack, you are able to personalize him with names or short READ MORE »

Santa with Gold Applecone

Twelve Months of Christmas: October

Santa with Gold Apple cone — During the seventeenth-century, it was common to find Apple cones decorating the lavish banquets of London. While the apple cone was a functional design—its base often was a pineapple shaped into a cone shape with its top leaves placed at on READ MORE »

2012 Halloween Collection

Twelve Months of Christmas: September

  2012 Halloween Collection — September marks the point in which the kids are back to school, the sun tans begin to fade and the thought of Fall begins to make its way into everyone's minds. As we make this transition from the hot summer months READ MORE »

Red Father Christmas With Snowman In Sack

Twelve Months of Christmas: August

 Red Father Christmas with Snowman in Sack —  Originally introduced as a one year exclusive for Nordstrom, this Red Father Christmas with Snowman in Sack has been released to the Vaillancourt Chalkware line for all to enjoy this season. With a brilliant red coat with black design READ MORE »

Short, Pudgy Santa

Twelve Months of Christmas: May

  Short, Pudgy Santa While most European Father Christmas figures tend to be whimsical, tall, and slender, the Americanized holiday figure is often a jovial, rotund Santa. That is often the easiest way to be able to tell when, and where, the original chocolate mould used READ MORE »

Santa in Red and Green

Twelve Months of Christmas: April

  The Classic European Santa! It is easy to tell the difference between a modern American Santa and an old world European Santa. The slender figure and pointed hat of this Santa gives it away. First introduced as a prototype for Garnet Hill, this European Santa READ MORE »

Chalkware Santa with Clown

Twelve Months of Christmas: March

  Send in the clowns! This whimsical Santa has tired of giving out dolls to the good girls this season, instead, he has opted to deliver the gift of this clown. Both boys and girls grow a large smile on their face when they wake up READ MORE »

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