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Deborah N.'s Halloween Tree Decoration

Customer Decorations: Halloween Tree

It's no secret: we love decorating. One step into our retail gallery, regardless of the season, and you'll know what we mean. But, one thing that we really love is seeing how our collectors decorate their homes for the seasons. And, thanks to Deborah N, READ MORE »

In The Studio with Judi Vaillancourt

In The Studio With Judi Vaillancourt

“We try to give a lot of history and background of the molds so that people can envision the traditions people used them for, rather than just as decorations.” Treasures magazine stepped "in the studio" with Judi Vaillancourt for the April 2013 "Artist Profile." Susan K. READ MORE »

The Decorating Process

Decorating For Christmas

Once again the shop will be completely transformed for the Christmas season.  Beautiful exotic glass ornaments shimmer in the Christmas lights, elves on ladders climb the trees, toys magically move and play music, a winter woodland filled with “wildlife” and of course trees and garlands sparkling with READ MORE »

Creative Grouping

Creative Groupings

Although many of the 2011 Vaillancourt Chalkware pieces are designed in groupings, like the Santa in Sleigh and Reindeer, often we have found that collectors have mixed-and-matched with extraordinary design results. Take, for instance, when you combine the eight tiny Reindeer, with Leroy, along with READ MORE »

Decorations Step 2

Decorations Coming To Life

Judi and Bette are working long hours as they prep the store for Starlight Opening to kick off the Christmas season. Each year the Gallery's decorating themes have been a highlight to in-store shoppers and this year will be no different. Whether it be the READ MORE »

Thanksgiving Decorations

History Thanksgiving, a holiday celebrated mostly in Canada and the United States, originated in a religious manner to give thanks for the harvest during difficult times, it is today recognized as a time celebrated in as a secular manner with family and friends to get READ MORE »

2008 Decorations 02

Decorated for Christmas!

2008: 'Twas The Night Before Christmas Christmas is our time of year and the best way to experience Vaillancourt is during the Holidays. Stepping into our decorated gallery, studio and museum is taking a step into the nostalgia of the holidays in all of their READ MORE »

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