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Byers’ Choice American Artisan Showcase

2015 marks the fourth year for the Byers' Choice American Artisan Showcase which is expected to become an annual Mother’s Day tradition. The Byers' Choice American Artisan Showcase will feature about 70 handcrafters. The crafts will be either traditional crafts, or based on a traditional READ MORE »

Vaillancourt/Byers Christmas Shopper Caroler

New Byers/Vaillancourt Shopper Caroler

In 2013, Joyce Byers and Judi Vaillancourt sat down to develop a product that merged two of America's last domestic Christmas traditions. The result was a Byers' Choice Santa holding three Vaillancourt Chalkware pieces at different stages of paint. This year, continuing to work together, Judi READ MORE »


Byers and Vaillancourt

Custom Byers' Choice Caroler with Vaillancourt Chalkware Santas At the 17th annual Collector's Weekend, we are happy to have Bob Byers, Jr. join us for a special presentation on his family's company, Byers' Choice, Ltd., and the importance of "Made in America." Mr. Byers will READ MORE »

Byers Caroler with Vaillancourt Chalkware

Byers’ Choice with Vaillancourt Chalkware

JOIN US APRIL 28th to meet Bob Byers, Jr. as he introduces a new custom Byers’ Choice Caroler which features three chalkware originals by Judi Vaillancourt to start a Christmas Tradition.We are pleased to announce that Bob Byers Jr. will be joining us at our READ MORE »

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