Child Holding Shovel

VFA Nr. 2010-38, Exclusive

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Chalkware 4 in
Made in United States (2010)
Seasons: Winter
Year Issued: 2010 at $85.00

Remember being a child during the first snow of the season? The need to rush outside to play before it was disturbed with footprints. This Child holding a hand-made shovel was thinking the same thing, but has been dressed in his one-piece white snow suit. Keeping warm, this child is able to shovel and play all day without feeling that cold wind of winter.

About Vaillancourt Folk Art

Vaillancourt is a family owned business located in Sutton, Massachusetts and is best known for their handmade and hand painted chalkware figures. These figures are made using vintage and antique chocolate, candy, and ice cream moulds. The Vaillancourt’s have the largest private collection in the USA and have been creating these heirloom masterpieces meant to be passed down from generation to generation since 1984.