Målerås Swedish Crystal Christmas Reindeer

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1 lbs 2.5 × 1.25 × 2 in
Crystal Made in Sweden
Seasons: Christmas, Winter

Cast crystal sculpture with painted and sandblasted motif. The sculpture is handmade in Sweden and signed on the bottom.

About Målerås Swedish Crystal

The glassworks in Målerås was founded in 1890, shortly after the railway had found its way through the wilderness of the region. Gustaf Holmqvist, a clerk from Kosta, started a glassworks for window glass production. Of the 20 employees there were many glassblowers from Norway and Finland. The factory building was moved from Johanstorp, a glassworks which recently had been closed down. The price for the building was SEK 1000. After the second bankruptcy in 1896, bottles and household items were produced in Målerås until 1904.