Barley Candy Ship (Assorted Colors)


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Assorted colors.

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Barley Sugar 1 lbs 7 × 2 × 6 in
Made in United States
Seasons: Christmas, Winter

Historically, clear Toy Candy was only produced during the cold and dry months of winter and early spring because the sugar naturally becomes cloudy and opaque in humid conditions.  It slowly looses the characteristic luster. It is recommended that you consume these candies within 60 days of purchase, in order to enjoy the candy at its freshest. If you want to keep your candy clear as long as possible, keep it sealed tightly in the cellophane bag and in the refrigerator or freezer, however the candy is not intended to last for a long period of time once the dry winter months fade away.  Please remember to keep all bags, ribbons and twist-ties away from children, after opening your candy. 

Clear Toy Candy was first colored naturally using plant material such as beets or spinach, and was produced in only three basic colors (red, green, and the natural golden yellow of the cooked sugar) This is made using FDA approved food coloring. The traditional candy had no flavoring added and therefore tastes similar to cotton candy. There are some makers of Clear Toy today who add flavorings, but at this point, the confectioner, Chris McGovern, wants to keep the original recipe and flavor in tact. He uses olive oil to lubricate the molds during the production, due to the lack of any aftertaste that would interfere with the flavor of the candy.

About Toy Lion Confectionery

Vaillancourt artist, Chris McGovern, wears many hats. When he’s not in the Artists’ Studios, he can be found creating historic Barley Candy through Toy Lion Confectionery. Hooked on Clear Toy candy since receiving it as a gift in 2017, Chris could imagine the sheer joy that children felt a century ago, in finding these sparkling little candies that were left just for them by Christkind, Father Christmas, Santa Clause or the Easter Bunny. At first, Chris created these for his tablescapes when entertaining guests at home only to find a market for commercially producing these beautiful Clear Toy candies in Worcester, MA.