Judi and I did our first shows in the PA area in 1986 and have always had a wonderful group of collectors and friends that we would meet at these shows. Many of the show attendees go back 20 years and we have looked forward each year to see everyone and catch up on the news.

Two years ago we started doing the Folk Art show in York, PA in November and the Designer Craftman Show in Valley Forge in late January. Not only have these shows been very successful for us but we enjoyed the venues very much as they were convenient to catch up with old friends and meet new collectors. These shows allowed us to personally introduce some of our new and special pieces to customers in a more 1-to-1 manner that is lost when browsing through the catalog or on-line store.

Much to our chagrin Bob Goodrich, the promoter of both shows, has closed his business thus canceling both of these shows (the Designer Craftman Show has since been taken over by a new promoter—details to come) and the opportunity for us to show, first hand, the new collection. It is a shame, because Bob has been a very strong advocate for folk art since the early 1980’s and was able to put together some of the nation’s strongest artists under one roof.

The bottom line is that at this time we will not be in PA in the next few months.

With that, and having to adapt to the sudden news, we will try something different to all of our PA friends (and those from border states that would make the trek to see the new pieces). In addition to the new catalog pieces that we introduced this year, I am going to highlight some very special pieces below. If you would like to order anything from here, I will have Judi sign everything.

Certainly it is no substitution to being there to show you the pieces, but, unfortunately, it is out of our hands for the time being.

On a personal basis we are doing fine and have welcomed our son Luke’s new wife, Anna, into the family several weeks ago. Please let us know how you have been as we will miss being able to catch up in PA, but look forward to it in the future!