Judi replacing the Flower Basket with the Fall Pumpkin

Since tracking the Big Bunny from its birth on February 9th, 2010, this three foot tall bunny is moving out of our studio into a new home. After taking a year of production—documented through several stages over the past year: here, here and here—the Big Bunny was finally completed in April 2011 and introduced at the annual Collector’s Weekend. With decorations for Fall and Spring, this Big Bunny can be displayed all year round. The Big Bunny was sold within 15-minutes of being made available and not by those who attending the launch at Collector’s Weekend, but instead by a collector from Missouri that had followed its progress on-line through the web site.

Standing at three feet and weighing nearly 100lbs, a custom crate had to be commissioned for transportation to the collector’s home in Missouri. Combining a professionally designed crate, and several layers of padding for protection, this Big Bunny will be missed but is happy to be going to a loving home of a Vaillancourt Chalkware collector!

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