The Mantle Setting in the Vaillancourt Gallery is Ready for Autumn.It long days of summer are quickly becoming shorter and shorter; combined with the cool breeze, we know that fall is quickly approaching. Last week, the Vaillancourt Retail Gallery opened the doors to autumn with its annual Fall Opening.

Although, Vaillancourt Folk Art is recognized nationwide for its Christmas collection, the Halloween and autumn decorations are often turned to for inspiration. There is no exception this year, during its 30th Anniversary celebration.

In addition to general decorations by well known designers—like Bethany Lowe and Eric Cortina—several chalkware pieces were introduced this year to put the “hallow” in Halloween.  After the 2013 success of Ghouly Girl, Judi Vaillancourt introduces her companion, Skeleton Girl. In addition, corresponding with the 30th Anniversary celebration, thirty one-of-a kind vintage-inspired pumpkins have been introduced.

Be certain to visit the Vaillancourt Gallery before the Christmas opening to enjoy the Fall decorations.

Vignette of Fall Decorations