Collector's Design Series, Safari Santa

The Safari Santa (VFA Nr. 12069)

Each year at the Collector’s Weekend dinner one person is chosen at random to design their very own Chalkware piece. Working with Judi, they select a mould to use and begin the task of determining how they want this Santa to look! Although the piece can’t be carved, there have been many creative and unique pieces created. If a piece meets several criteria, it may even be put in the full line the following year.

This Collector’s Weekend Design Series Santa was designed by Jessica Watts from Maryland. Jessica, who has been flying up to Collector’s Weekend for years, decided that she wanted a safari themed Santa based on a needlework that she owned. It’s almost child-like appearance, transforms you to the depths of your wild imagination! Take a look at what she and Judi came up with!

For your chance to design your own, be sure to register for this year’s dinner, hosted at Old Sturbridge Village!

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