Each year, since 2003, Peek in the Attic in Dallas, Texas has worked with Judi Vaillancourt in designing a piece that belongs to the heart of Texas, the Texas Santa. This year, as Peek in the Attic celebrates their 30th year in business their Texas Santa will reflect that. In homage to the first design, Judi is designing this years piece (as a prototype) using the same mould as the first year but with careful attention to detail by integrating aspects of each year’s Texas Santa into this piece.

  1. 2003-54Texas Santa Nr. 1
  2. 2004-66Texas Santa Nr. 2
  3. 2005-67 – Peek Mustang Santa
  4. 2006-83Father Christmas in Armadillo Car
  5. 2007-86Texas Under Six Flags
  6. 2008-76 – (Information not currently available)
  7. 2009-59Feliz Navidad
  8. 2010-25“Galveston, oh Galveston”