We are pleased to introduce Perzy Snow Globes to our Retail Gallery. Although there are countless snow globe manufacturers, some high-end and some not, we’re particularly excited with the Perzy line because of their story.

The Original Vienna Snow Globe company, Original Wiener Schneekugelmanufaktur, has a rich family lineage that spans four generations. It all began with Erwin Perzy I, who not only founded the company in Vienna, Austria in the late 1800s but also trademarked the concept of the snow globe, establishing himself as a pioneer in the industry.

According to Erwin Prezy III, his grandfather was manufacturing surgical instruments for operating rooms and while inventing ‘cold light’ he employed a water filled globe, used by shoemakers, to magnify light of a candle. Adding reflective flakes (of all materials) to intensify the concentration of light, he settled on ground rice that sank much slower than any others reminding him of a Vienna snowfall. With this in mind, he inserted a miniature replica of the basilica of Maria Zell into the globe and called it a “Snowglobe.”

The Perzy family’s commitment to innovation and tradition has been passed down through the years, with Sabine, Erwin Perzy I’s great-granddaughter, now at the helm of the business. Today, under Sabine’s leadership, the Original Vienna Snow Globe company continues to thrive, offering a diverse range of snow globes that cater to different tastes and preferences. The company has embraced modern techniques while honoring its traditional roots. Perzy snow globes are available in various motifs, including handcrafted, injection-molded, and 3D printed designs. This ensures a wide selection for customers, allowing them to choose the style that resonates with them the most.

Sabine’s passion for the family business and her commitment to upholding its legacy have enabled the Original Vienna Snow Globe company to remain a symbol of craftsmanship and enchantment. With a nod to tradition and an eye on innovation, Perzy continues to captivate collectors and snow globe enthusiasts worldwide, creating timeless pieces that bring joy and wonder to all who encounter them.