Deborah N.'s Halloween Tree Decoration
Deborah N.’s Halloween Tree Decoration

It’s no secret: we love decorating. One step into our retail gallery, regardless of the season, and you’ll know what we mean. But, one thing that we really love is seeing how our collectors decorate their homes for the seasons. And, thanks to Deborah N, we’ve just gained a little more insight! Deborah decorated for the Halloween season with a clay pot filled with sticks and tied together with cobwebs to support the branches holding up our vintage Vaillancourt Glass ornaments (mixed in with some contemporary classic available in our retail store). On the table, mixed between pumpkins, candles, and treats is our Chalkware Dracula—the centerpiece to this festive display. Thank you, Deborah, for sharing the (spooky) spirit of the holiday season!


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