What does a child look like on the night before Christmas? Modifying and redesigning the classic Child in Bunny Suit (VFA Nr. 9904) Judi has come up with a piece that embodies the anticipation that a child has when eagerly expecting a visit from St. Nicholas.

For Collector’s Weekend 2011, Steve Martin—a true collector with nearly 500 pieces in his collection—was the winner of the Collector’s design piece where the winner sits with Judi and hashes out some ideas on a limited edition piece to be offered at the following Collector’s Weekend event. This year Steve and Judi used antique postcards as inspiration for the limited edition set of Fireplace (seen in the background) with a stocking hung with care and Santa’s feet coming down the chimney. The child, in his footie Dr. Denton’s PJs, will be clutching the classic story, A Night Before Christmas and holding a toy dear to Steve’s heart, a plane.

Only 5 of these pieces will be made available, only 2 on-line!