Spring Delivery Santa (13019)

We believe that Christmas isn’t just a single day of gift giving, but truly a belief of positive attitude and actions. So often the holidays can be a time of stress, with so much work that they are over with before you even are ready for them. For that reason, Judi has always believed in celebrating the true meaning of Christmas year round. She is, however, conscious that not everyone would keep Christmas decorations out all year, which is why Judi is bringing the symbol of Christmas to each holiday and season—Santa for the Seasons is a collection of Christmas’ most notable figure designed in a manner appropriate to be on display for each holiday.

Celebrate the joy of Christmas with respect to each other holiday and season. And… enjoy free shipping during the month each are introduced!

This Season:

  • (January) St. Valentine’s Day: Forget-Me-Not Santa
  • (February) St. Patrick’s Day: Shamrocks and Clovers
  • (March) Easter: Spring Delivery Santa
  • Fourth of July: coming soon…
  • Halloween: coming soon…