Sorry, this club is sold out!

In 1987, Judi Vaillancourt created 25 Noah’s Arks with a selection of hand painted Chalkware animals. The Noah’s Arks with this first collection—hand carved by a local artisan—sold out quickly and some have been seen on the secondary market for $3,000.

Today, we are happy to announce two new limited edition clubs, the Noah’s Ark Club and the Extended Noah’s Ark Club that will be made available starting  in July!

The Noah’s Ark Club is a twelve month club. You will receive a pair of hand painted Chalkware animals each month for eleven months and the Noah’s Ark on the twelfth month. The Arks, originally made by  Byers’ Choice for Colonial Williamsburg, were made overseas but have been embellished with decorative border, hand painted and distressed, in our studio in Sutton, Massachusetts.

The Extended Noah’s Ark Club is a seventeen month club, offering the same eleven animal pairs and Ark, plus an additional five pairs of animals at a reduced price.

The chalkware animals part of this club include:

  1. Month 1: Giraffe Pair
  2. Month 2: Monkey Pair
  3. Month 3: Tiger Pair
  4. Month 4: Elephant Pair
  5. Month 5: Pig Pair
  6. Month 6: Dog Pair
  7. Month 7: Hippopotamus Pair
  8. Month 8: Bear Pair
  9. Month 9: Lion Pair
  10. Month 10: Lamb Pair
  11. Month 11: Crocodile Pair
  12. Month 12: Byers’ Choice Ark
  13. Month 13: Donkey Pair*
  14. Month 14: Rhinoceros Pair*
  15. Month 15: Horse Pair*
  16. Month 16: Leopard Pair*
  17. Month 17: Camel Pair*


Ark Animals

Each animal is a Chalkware piece created in our Sutton, Massachusetts studio using antique chocolate moulds, then hand painted and antiqued by our artists.

Noah’s Ark

We have been able to purchase a small number of Arks. These Arks were originally made by Byers’ Choice for Colonial Williamsburg; however, the arks have now been embellished with the hand painted border. Because of the limited availability of the Arks we can only offer 15 editions of this club.


Join the 12-Month Ark Club ($160 + $5 s/h per month)

Join the 17-Month Extended Ark Clu ($160/month plus $5 s/h for the first 12 months and $140/month plus $5 s/h for months 13 – 17)

* Available only through the extended club