UPDATE 11/22/2010:

Attention Collectors: The FIRST Ebenezer Meeting Marley is available through nationwide auction via our eBay Store: the auction will be completed on November 29th.

Don’t want the number 1? Order yours today through our on-line store.

UPDATE 11/18/2010: COMPLETED! At nearly midnight, Judi put the final brush strokes on her brand new Ebenezer piece! This morning at 8:45am, the piece has started going through the finishing process and will go through production today! After much speculation from collectors around the nation, we have decided that we will be offering the pieces at the Dickens weekend (both in store and 0n-line), but will make the #1 (delivery for Christmas) available nationwide through an on-line auction. More details to come shortly! ORDER HERE >

UPDATE 11/10/2010: Judi has started with the detail of Ebenezer’s robe which is modeled after a period banyan once worn in Sutton, MA over 300 years ago. The rug pattern is designed after a rug that lies within the Vaillancourt home.

Vaillancourt Folk Art made a name for itself in being the first to use antique chocolate molds (along with candy and ice cream molds) as a way to cast it’s chalkware Santas (and other figurines). Even with a collection of 3,000+ vintage molds in their collection, Judi has used advanced methods in creating her collectible figurines. Whether it be modifying a mould at their studios or having their master mould maker cast a brand new mould, the shapes and designs are ever changing in the Vaillancourt line.

The same is true for the newest piece that Judi Vaillancourt is working on. Inspired by her Dickens paintings, Judi has created a brand new mould that will be used in creating the very first Ebenezer Scrooge figurine.

For Dickens’ first Vaillancourt appearance to perform A Christmas Carol, Judi painted her Ebenezer At The Gates print (accompanied by metal ornament, tiny painting, and Christmas pop-up card). For 2010, Judi painted Ebenezer Meeting Marley (also available in flat metal ornament) with creating a chalkware piece in mind. The first piece of a much anticipated chalkware series, Ebenezer Meeting Marley is a stunning piece with subtle, yet striking, detail within it’s shape. On November 8th, Judi first sat down to give the dried piece the first touches of paint (see photo below).