Vaillancourt Christmas Museum 2011 a

Vaillancourt Christmas Museum 2011 bBy adding over 100 chalkware pieces added to the Vaillancourt catalog each year it requires that the Vaillancourt Christmas Museum be updated and rearranged to not only include the new pieces but to display them in a different way. The timing of the museum changes corresponds with the Collector’s Weekend events so that those looking to see what they have in their collection, can do so easily.

This year Bette is shifting the 2010 pieces from their forward location to make room for the 2011 line to have a prominent display at the beginning of the museum. In addition, Judi is creating several vignettes to be displayed within the lounge area of the museum. Facing the leather couches will be two new book shelves, freshly painted, to display some decorative ideas while showing some less seen pieces of chalkware.

The museum is open the same hours at the Gallery and the 2011 display will be ready for the end of April 2011.